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So you fancy yourself as a poker player?   


Stavros loves to play poker, he does practically nothing else (except eating) - join him in a game today.


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Poker is a great game, and if you know what you are doing, you can win big time. The fun for me is the skill involved and the poker faces around me...I have been known to bet my entire fortune (everything is relative) on one hand and won because of the bluff!

I used to play with a group of friends at a land based casino, but now that the internet has made the whole gambling and poker world accessible I have made many new friends and can play from home in comfort.

The rules of poker differ slightly from country to country and casino to casino, however the basics are always the same.

There is always a poker game going in here, check it out if you like, or if you are new to poker, see the gist of the rules below.


Draw poker. The dealer uses a 52 card deck which is played fresh after each hand. 

The player is dealt one five-card poker hand. After the first draw, which is automatic, you may hold any of the cards and draw again to replace the cards that you haven't chosen to hold. Your cards are compared to a table of winning combinations. The object is to get the best possible combination so that you earn the highest payoff on the bet you placed.  

Winning Combinations: 

Jacks or Better: 
a pair pays off only if the cards in the pair are Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces.  Lower pairs do not pay off.  

Two Pair: two sets of pairs of the same card denomination. 

Three of a Kind: three cards of the same denomination.  

Straight: five consecutive denomination cards of different suit.  

Flush: five non-consecutive denomination cards of the same suit. 
Full House: a set of three cards of the same denomination plus a set of two cards of the same denomination.  

Four of a kind: four cards of the same denomination.  

Straight Flush: five consecutive denomination cards of the same suit. 

Royal Flush: five consecutive denomination cards of the same suit, starting from 10 and ending with an ace.  

Are you ready to play poker ?
You can play with friends (or maybe me Stavros - no RIP Stavs ) at a public table if you wish, or alone.
 If so click here and good luck.
This will download you the gambling software, it is easy to follow and only takes about 15 minutes.

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